Our Strengths

A network of trust

graph:Our Advantages
Business Development

  • Global business focused on Thailand, America, and Hong Kong.
  • Expanding our network and reliability beyond the automotive industry to other fields including elevators, construction, and agriculture.


  • A logistics management system that meets the JIT requirements of the automotive sector.
  • Proprietary demand forecasting algorithms to secure inventory and deliver for mass production

Investment & Credit

  • Investment in molds for plastic molded and pressed products
  • Die life management by mold master using IT systems.
  • Indispensable partner credit management for mass production delivery.

IT Solutions

  • Using an IT system that lets all employees work remotely, we promote a speedy response that combines telework and site visits.

Risk Management

  • Support from the planning stage to mass production to end of maintenance by dedicated technical, QA, and logistic staff.
  • Cooperation with partner companies to establish continuity of parts supply as a BCP measure.
  • Secure product inventory in response to BCP.


  • A parts supply network cultivated since the dawn of the domestic automotive industry
  • The competitiveness of a technical trading company that can create new things by combining technologies.

Business Flow

Figure: Business flow