About the Environment

Yashima Denso Environmental Policy

Yashima Denso Co., Ltd. is a trading company of materials and components mainly for the automotive industry.

Our key policy is business activities based on "maintaining and strengthening relationships of trust" in the market, including with customers and cooperating manufacturers.

As a company involved in the automotive industry, which has a particularly heavy environmental impact, we have established the following action guidelines to promote environmental improvement activities with the aim of further developing and prospering our company by further expanding the scope of strengthening relationships of trust and taking into consideration society and the global environment.

Action Guidelines
Ⅰ.Set objectives including pollution prevention and utilize PDCA to realize continuous improvement.
 Ⅰ-1 Reduce the environmental burden of corporate activities.
 a)Prevention of global warming by reducing power consumption.
 b)Reduction of harmful substances in the products we handle.
 Ⅰ-2 Reduce the environmental load of products that are the product of corporate activities.
In order to improve the global environment, we will promote energy saving and weight reduction of the products we handle, and further focus on the renewable energy business field.
Ⅱ.We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations and other requirements that we agree with.

May 31, 2013 President Ryuichi Hayatsu, 

Environmental certificate

ISO 14001

About quality

Yashima Denso Quality Policy

Yashima Denso Co., Ltd. is a materials and parts trading company mainly for the automotive industry.

The pillar of our management philosophy is "maintaining and strengthening relationships of trust in the market," which is indispensable for discovering potential needs as well as actual needs and meeting those expectations.

"Quality" is the most important factor in realizing "maintaining and strengthening relationships of trust".

"Quality" in our company has a mechanism to continuously maintain and improve the quality of our corporate activities as well as the quality of the products we handle.

In 2004, we acquired ISO9001 for the entire business activities, and we will utilize PDCA to realize continuous quality improvement in the future.

June 15, 2006 President Ryuichi Hayatsu, 

Quality certificate

ISO 9001