President Message

Yashima Denso was founded in 1934, and over the past 80 years, we have accumulated a long history as a technical trading company. As time has progressed, we have gradually increased the number of products we handle, and we have continued to grow while interacting with many customers. However, there is one philosophy that has remained unchanged since the company's founding, which could be called "Yashima-ism. Never stop being inventive. To build a solid network with the people involved in our business. We believe that this philosophy has transcended the ages and continues to support the backbone of Yashima Denso.

When starting a project, we must not first consider whether or not it will be profitable. That is what I tell my employees. What is important is whether or not the project and the product it produces are "truly useful to the customer" and "whether or not the customer will be happy with the final product. The search for profit should come next. If it is difficult to make a profit, then we should try to make it so that we can make a profit. That is our way of doing things.

We will continue to move forward with more passion and responsibility than ever before to be a reliable partner for our customers and to create products and solutions that contribute to their business. And we will listen carefully to the latent needs of our customers to find out "what they really want" now. We pursue what is best for them and aim to make the best proposals. We hope to further strengthen the "network of trust" with our customers and partner companies that we have created through this process.

写真:代表取締役社長 早津 隆一

Mitsuaki Kiuchi